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The Refugee & Migrant Women’s Initiative–RAMWI- (Pronounced ram-wee) is a Not for Profit & 501(c)(3) Charity started in 2013. Our mission is to bring newly arrived refugee, migrant and other vulnerable women, children and their families residing in Tampa Bay together. Doing so, we hope to empower, engage and support refugee women during the difficult phases of resettlement and transition.


Is to enhance the lives of refugee and migrant women in the community by providing an opportunity to heal, engage with others while learning the skills necessary to become self-sustainable, organize and advocate for themselves.

RAMWI offers women the opportunity to come together in a welcoming and supportive environment that allows growth and healing. Together our women gain the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate through their new communities.  We also advocate for refugees’ direct participation in decision-making bodies that are impacting their daily lives.


My name is Florence, I formed RAMWI to create a supportive

community for newly arrived refugee, migrant, and other

vulnerable women in Tampa Bay.

By blending together elements of a support group with skillful trade

workshops,  RAMWI empowers women to preserve their cultural

identity, health, feel connected to a greater community, become

self-sustainable and generate supplemental revenue to support

their families, and reduce dependence on welfare.

Please read our ANNUAL REPORT for more details of what we                                                                   have been able to accomplish together.

Best regards,

Florence Ackey,

Founder, Executive director

Get Involved!


Past donations have included hurricane supplies items, baby clothes, back to school backpacks, monetary aid. Contact us to find out how you can help!


Do you or your organization have any presentations or special skills that can contribute to the success of Refugee  Families and the community? We would love to hear from you!

Partner with us

Our current partners include University of South Florida, United Nation Association, Pinellas Women Club, Refugee Task Force and many other local organizations.

Become a volunteer

RAMWI is a volunteer run program,

Which means YOU can be the heartbeat of our program!

There are many ways to get involved and impact the lives of the families we serve.