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Wellness Support Groups

Why refugee and migrant women? Because…

Refugee women face unique challenges that cannot always be met within the limited resettlement agency time frame. RAMWI helps to bridge that gap by empowering participants to access available resources and development opportunities within the community.

Women are often the first responders in a crisis, and whether en route or in camps, in their home countries or destination countries, they play a crucial role in caring for, sustaining, and rebuilding their communities. Yet, refugee and migrant women’s needs, priorities, and voices are often missing from policies designed to protect and assist them.

The Wellness Support Program (support group) is a psychoeducational program designed to empower women who are refugees by providing a sense of community and support during what can be a stressful and isolating process of resettlement. The Wellness Support Program engages women in skills development, social connectedness, educational and economic opportunities, and tailored events. We create and provide a safe, welcoming, and nurturing environment for women to receive peer and professional support. We do this through cultivating community engagement and connection. The women emerge from our wellness programs feeling confident about their own ability to heal and to find their way in their new home,  with the support of the other women around them. Collectively, there is a sense of the power of refugee and migrant women to contribute to the greater community. Additionally, we as an organization, are able to advocate for and share the experiences of refugee and migrant women.

How Can You Help?


There are many ways to lift up the women attending our support groups and help them find hope and healing. If you are interested in volunteering or sponsoring our Wellness Support Groups, please contact Florence Ackey, Executive Director, at Here are some ways to help:


Sponsor a monthly support group ($1,500.00) Give the gift of community by sponsoring a monthly Wellness Program for an entire support group, including materials, interpreters, transportation and food.

Sponsor interpreter services ($500.00)               Give the gift of communication by sponsoring interpreter services for a monthly Wellness Program. At minimum we provide interpreters in three languages at every meeting.

Sponsor transportation ($125.00)                   

Give the gift of connection by covering of cost transportation for the women to attend one of our monthly Wellness Programs.

Sponsor supplies ($50.00)                                 

Give the gift of collaboration by sponsoring supplies for educational and development activities during one of the monthly Wellness Programs.

Sponsor a meal ($15.00)                                     

Give the gift of comfort by sponsoring a warm meal for a woman participating in one of our monthly Wellness Programs.

In-Kind Sponsorship: Donate your time, services, or skills to our Wellness Support Groups and refugee women (i.e., subject matter expertise, grant writing, social media, or provide lunch).

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