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Refugee & Migrant Women's Initiative, Inc.

Hope can, and will, change the world!

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Our Mission

To empower, engage, and support refugee and migrant women as they resettle in the Tampa Bay area.

Why women? 

  • 50% of the world's refugees are women and girls.

  • Women advocate for children, our elders...and they must advocate for themselves as well.

  • Women promote education and sustainability; and they are valuable, dynamic, economic contributors. 

Our Values

Community, Collaboration, Diversity, Inclusion, Advocacy, and Self-sufficiency


RAMWI programs are designed to empower refugee and migrant women in the Tampa Bay area through strengths-based education and advocacy. Our programs enhance the lives of these diverse women new to our community by providing opportunities to heal, build new connections, and develop skills that can foster self-sustainable economic opportunities while engaging community partners in the process. Through RAMWI programs, we are building a network of peer support, collective healing, community partnership, and incredible women able to advocate for themselves and their families. In 2020, RAMWI was awarded Best Organization of the Year by the National Association of Social Work, Tampa Bay Chapter.

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Support Groups

Wellness Support Groups are trauma-informed psycho-social small groups that are designed to facilitate internal growth and healing for the refugee and migrant woman as she assimilates in the Tampa Bay area.  Participants gain from professional and peer support in a safe, confidential and nurturing environment.

Women develop a framework that helps them identify trauma and its effects, along with data-driven best practices

for healing.  As they pursue mental wellness together in supportive peer groups, their sense of story, agency, and resilience grows.

Women also learn to explore and access their new city and community resources available to them, and gain confidence in navigating cultural differences and norms.

Sew Much Hope Project

The Sew Much Hope Project is a collaborative social enterprise programAccess to economic development is offered through skill building. 

Women work together to sew high-quality women's accessories and home decor items, which are sold on our website and at local craft markets.  

Women feel empowered in their abilities, healed through the power of connection with other women, rooted in their new homes, and proud of their contributions to our local economy and to their own families.  

WEL Institute

The Women's Empowerment and Leadership (WEL) Institute is a learning collaboration.

The WEL Institute brings in community partners from academic institutions, public and private sectors to equip refugee and migrant women with practical skills in a safe environment.

Transportation and interpreters in 5 languages are provided to make each workshop accessible to all.

As women are equipped with critical information, they reflect, share ideas and develop leadership skills together.

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