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In the Words of the Women...VOLUNTEER TESTIMONIALS

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Claire Kirchhar, MPH- Volunteer

"The thing I love the most is the environment of support and empowerment that RAMWI creates for women from all over the world. The women learn from each other...form a bond that, as women, is something that connects you no matter where you are from."

Valentina Acosta-Moreno, Child Support Group Volunteer

"Having immigrated to the United States as a young child myself, I have lived through the obstacles that immigrant children face while growing up. When I started working with the children I realized that to help women, you must also offer resources to their children. I love working with them and I truly try my hardest to give them the support I needed when I was a child. I have seen them grow more confident in their-selves each and every month and the smiles on their faces make my day every time. My experience working with RAMWI will certainly be carried with me wherever I go!"

Wafa Chami, Women Support Group Volunteer since 2014, (7 years and counting), from Homs, Syria

"Being an immigrant myself, I see these ladies as my own people. I have joined RAMWI for more than 3 years and I am very happy with my role of being a translator for the Arabic-speaking families, providing transportation, and taking them to doctor appointments."

In the Words of the Women...PARTICIPANT TESTIMONIALS


Riziki E., mother of 6 from South Kivu, Congo

“It is better to be in a group than to be alone.”

Mother of 4, Aleppo, Syria (After Thanksgiving luncheon)

“This is the first time since I came to America that I am feeling like I'm with a family and my people.”

Semirah, mother of 5 from Eritrea

"She [a volunteer] was so patient with me while I was learning to sew... She loves me so much, my heart wants to fly..."

Sew Much Hope participant from Congo

"I came to Sew Much Hope to learn to sew and I have enjoyed every bit of it. Our teacher taught me the basics and the concept of sewing, but I have become really good at what I do not just because of the teacher, but also because of the sense of community and peer help I received..."

Mother of 4 from Somalia

" We do not yet have the words [in English] to tell you how much we are thankful for all you do for us"

Francoise N., South Kivu, Congo

"Some of the information we received may have been common knowledge, but the way they explained it to us was very impactful. We found love and helpfulness in a new and strange world; this was awesome! They introduced the new world to us in a very nice way. They also educated us on health matters which has been very beneficial." - Support Group participant from Syria “Community means you don’t say I am here, you say WE are here.”

Suraya, mother of 7 from Afghanistan

“It was so good to get to know new people that when we didn’t meet for a few days, we actually started missing each other. The variety of the subjects also gave us a good experience.

Uwera N., mother of 8 from Masisi, Congo

“I like sewing because being together makes me feel calm and happy. It makes me feel good because I forget about the bad things that happened before, and I feel at home with my sewing family.”

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